Coastal Clean-Up

clean up


Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not join Bedouin History Desert Safaris and Don’t Mess with Dahab on Saturday, January 25, in cleaning up litter along the coast.

Pick-up at 9 am from in front of the bridge area. (Time and place negotiable depending on who wants to come.)

Please confirm by Friday if you would like to join us so we can plan transport and tea accordingly.  Shokran!

Escapade through Egypt

Ornate Dabb Lizard

This colorful lizard is an Ornate Dabb Lizard, Uromastyx ornata, and in Egypt, is found only in the rocky wadis of South Sinai. And while he may look like he is simply lounging in the hot sun, he is quite alert and on the look-out, surveying his territory. Learn more about this spiny-tailed lizard on

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Children’s Circus in Dahab



Looking for something different to do in Dahab? Check out Circ Bonboni‘s children’s circus, featuring 80 children from the ages of 4 to 14 – foreign, Egyptian, and Bedouin! The first two shows were a huge hit and there are still two more performances this week, Thursday and Friday, at Ibis Styles Hotel. You can book your tickets in advance at Pink Elephant or purchase them the night of the show. Don’t miss it!

Second Annual Dahab Bedouin Festival

Planned for the first week of April to coincide with a full moon, the Dahab Bedouin Festival is scheduled for April 1 to 7th. The Dahab Festival (with a focus on water sports, yoga, and the like) is scheduled for April 14th to 20th. Lots of new activities planned for this year so don´t miss out!

Camel Race scheduled for the 16th of April.

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Dahab Bedouin Festival – May 14th to 20th

Running alongside the Dahab International Festival of Watersports, Culture, and Desert Adventure is the Dahab Bedouin Festival! Both festivals will be taking place next week, May 14th to May 20th. There will be loads of fun activities – and Eid will be participating – so it’s the perfect time to visit Dahab. Below is the latest timetable of events and map for the Bedouin Festival. Click to view them in full screen. And then start making your travel plans! 🙂

Statement from the Bedouin Tribes of North and South Sinai

“Statement by representatives of the majority of the tribes of North and South Sinai, regarding the Egyptian Revolution. They support the revolution and pledge to protect the eastern borders of Egypt. The Bedouin representatives consisted of around 350 mainly young Bedouin men from different tribes and met at Wadi Watir near the city of Nuweiba in South Sinai. They will be electing next week the delegation which will represent them in any negotiations with the government.”

(Thanks to Walid Ramadan for sharing the above summary and photo on Facebook.)

You can also listen to the statement read in full:

Update Feb. 22: You can read an English translation of the above video here.