Bedouin History Desert Safari was founded and is operated by Eid Al Atrash – called Eddy by his friends – a Tarabeen Bedouin, who was born in Ras Sudr on the west coast of Sinai. He grew up travelling on camel-back through the deserts of Sinai with his father. His love of this land and his culture led him to form Bedouin History Desert Safari – a safari company about more than just driving through the wadis of Sinai. Eid hopes to show visitors parts of the peninsula that are more off-the-beaten-track, and at the same time share his traditional Bedouin culture.

He has over 20 years experience as a safari guide and speaks fluent English. Eid has befriended Bedouin living all over the peninsula, from many different tribes. He is eager to share his knowledge of traditional Bedouin lifestyle and customs, the geography of the land, and the local flora and fauna with visitors to the area.

Eid worked closely with linguistics researcher Rudulf du Jong as he studied the various Arabic dialects spoken by the different Sinai tribes. At the same time, Eid is dedicated to helping his fellow Bedouin. When planning his desert excursions, he makes sure to share the work fairly with other Bedouin men – drivers, camel owners, camp owners, guides – so that they can all benefit from the tourism. Eid also assists in selling the organic olive oil locally produced in Ras Sudr, thus helping to ensure an income for the olive oil-producing families in this town.

If you are interested in arranging a desert safari or would like more information,

Contact me on email at eidalatrash@hotmail.com

Or call me on my mobile at +2 0122 268 1938

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Rudolf de Jong

    I have travelled extensively with Eid on our trips to explore the Bedouin dialects of Sinai. I can only highly, very highly recommend Eid. He is a great travelling companion and an excellent safari guide; he knows everybody everywhere in Sinai. And when I look at this web page, God, I wish I could be there much more often. Sinai is the place to come to for inspiration, relaxation and adventure. I’ll be back soon…

  2. Leo Laimer

    I got the link to this blog from Rudolf de Jong (via Stephan Procházka) and would like to say thank you (also to Rudolf) for this very informative resource.
    Just back from a 3 weeks hike through Sinai I’m already planning the next visit in late autumn.
    During the recent hike I had lots of chances to look for the herbs (as far as my limited knowledge went), and also to try out some curing effects, especially for Rabil (camomilla), which gave me this delicious tea too.
    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

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